CosNews – Sept 29/17

Proper News

It’s been a minute and a half since I posted CosNews but I’m finally getting the hang of this ‘Day Job’ workload. Also There’s some things I’m super excited about and want to talk about with you!


Cosplay by McCalls

GUYS. I AM SO EXCITED. I’ve been a huge fan of J. Hart’s work (featured image above) since I first found a pic of his Alice costume. If you’re not familiar, please go take a moment and marvel at the amazingness of his tailoring and patterning skills. In addition to the Sakizou-like Bouquet de Fleur by J.Hart Cosplay by McCalls has three other patterns that vary from easy to intermediate in difficulty.

There’s Ala Glow by Becka Noel which patterns wings, a hat and stockings (!!!), Dreamquest which is speaking to my little Northerner heart and She Cut by Seattle Cosplay which is an far-east fantasy style outfit that looks actually super comfortable.

Simplicity Costumes


I’ve been remiss in my reporting on patterns and Simplicity has released their Fall costumes. A few, (Cinderella and Snow White) I’m 90% certain have existed before now, but they’re listed as new, so maybe they’re new PATTERNs of the same costume? Or maybe I’m just remembering something that never happened.

The new costumes vary from Jyn Erso/Firefly to Mario and the PrincessesRockabilly DC, to the Matrix/Kingdom Hearts. But I feel like the cutest is definitely the ‘Disney-bound’ Snow white in my opinion. Here’s hoping that there’s the other princesses in development for this style!

That’s it for news today, if you know of anything interesting happening in the Cosplay world, drop me a line!