New Site Name, Who Dis?

Hi friends,

If you’ve been reading all… 2 of last year’s posts, you probably picked up on a change in how I felt about cosplay. While I still enjoy crafting and making things, ultimately I had to refocus my life onto the important things like my health, my continued employment, and preservation of what sanity is left.

Don’t worry, the Cat will continue to feature heavily in all my content.

I miss sharing what I’ve been working on with you, although it hasn’t been cosplay so I was hesitant to post on the site. At first I thought about making a seco- uh tertiary site, (nearly forgot about but common sense prevailed. If I don’t have time to regularly update the COSPLAY site, why would I ever have time to update a third one?

Enter Cal’s Crafts. All the cosplay content has been archived under ‘Costumes’, and the blog stuff will remain right where it is. I’ve added another page for general Crafts, and one for sewing that is for streetwear and …non costumes?

I still want to do some sew-a-longs, but they’ll probably be for streetwear in the near future.

So here’s to positive change, personal growth, and continuing to have misadventures with sewing, glue, and cats!

xox Cal