Calamity and Cat

I’m a writer and cosplayer who blogs about all the stuff costuming. From the ever-changing culture of cosplay to lessons learned along the way, even organizational tips, I talk about it on my blog.

I also try to cover news related to cosplay, cons and costuming, so if you hear of anything worth covering drop me a line.

While I’ve been sewing and crafting since I was small, I only really got into it intensively when I rejoined the world of cosplay in 2012. Since then I’ve become an ICG Master level cosplayer, competed in Canada’s World Cosplay Summit Qualifiers, judged Masquerades, MC’d masquerades, run panels, climbed mountains in costume and now have two sew-a-longs posted up on Cosplay by Mcalls’ website.

One day I’ll learn how to do stuff in moderation. I think.

Are you interested in having me come to your con, host/judge your masquerade, run workshops or have something else to ask? Contact me!

Cosplay Cat

xoxo – Calamity