We Interrupt Your Regular Programming…

I’ll be joining some amazing cosplayers on YOUTUBE today to talk about designing your own cosplay.

Before I had to take an extended hiatus (that’s still sort of ongoing) I started a Design-A-Long. I’ll be talking about some of the ideas mentioned there, and if you’re curious you can read the design posts here:

Part 1: Amuse Your Muse

Discussing inspiration, researching looks, and building a moodboard.

Part 2: Gettin’ Sketchy

How to sketch out ideas even if you’re still a beginner at drawing.

I’ll also talk about how to make sure your design is recognizable as being a version of the ‘original’, if you’re doing a redesign.

You can watch the discussion live on youtube at 4:00 pm EST here: cowbuttcrunchies.

Missed you, xox Cal & Cat