It’s [technically] Spring~


Hi folks! If you follow me on Twitter (or facebook but that reach is shit) you might have seen me talking about the new food and life-habits thing I’ve been doing. Longtime readers know that my health is basically as sturdy as off-brand earbuds. So I was tired of being… tired, and decided  2018 was going to be focused on me helping me feel better.

Long story short, it’s working. Slowly, but it’s working. (I miss beer 🙁 )

Now that I’ve kind got a handle on the new daily routine I’ve been working a bit behind the scenes on some new stuff like…

A Merch Store!


Calamity’s Closet is where you can find shirts, and eventually other accessories with original Calamitous content. (I like alliteration okay?) I’ve wanted to set up a merch store for over a year, and have… too many designs that I’m working on.

Sew A Longs & Reviews!

I have all the materials ready to start on my Pukei Pukei Armor set from Monster Hunter. AKA Farty Owl.


Here’s the quick breakdown of which patterns I’ll be using and reviewing, along with fabric reviews. This… this is basically just a McCalls and Yaya party.But that’s what I have and it works, so here we go!




For the hood I’ll be using Yaya Han’s Assassin pattern (M7645) with some modifications to the seams, the shape at the point of the hood and the little caplet thing.



I finally get to make a utility belt! I’ll be using and modifying Cosplay by McCall’s ‘Stash’ M2071.



So. This isn’t a ‘dress’ pattern, but it has the right shape and seam lines for the slits of the dress. I’ll be using the vest part of Yaya’s flared coat (M7373) without the godets and shifting the closure over to the right (if wearing the garment) to match the design of the Pukei dress.


In no particular order:

I’ll be starting work on the patterning soon, so expect to see progress pics on my insta or twitter. I tag everything for this costume as #fartyowl if you’re curious to follow <3

In the meantime I hope your ‘spring’ is warmer than mine!