Cosplay 101 is a series of articles (and soon vlogs) about the cosplay scene. Inspired by my culture shock at re-entering the con circuit and cosplay, I cover things that sometimes get over looked like ‘hey you should probably seriously try on your costume before going to a con cuz it’s gon’ break’).

Cosplay 101 Articles


Dye the shit out of it (old, and YMMV on this one)

Goat Horns


Masquerades +

How to Win when you Fail

Worksmanship 101

Why World Cosplay Summit is NOT a Masquerade

Costume Construction


Good Idea, Bad Idea


Business of Cosplay

Copyrights and Copy wrongs

Cons: Times are a-changin’

The CosFame Game Series

Part 1 – Going Pro Isn’t What You Think It Is…

Part 2 – Realities of Starting a Business

Part 3 – Playing to Win

Organization & Planning

The CPP – Costume Project Plan

Cosplay Culture

Cosplay prism power, MAKE UP!

Pretty Hurts (if you let it)

The “When to Give Cosplay Advice” Flowchart

Cosplay Sempais

Shitty Facts of Life and How to Deal


5 Ways Cosplay is like Highschool, and 5 ways it’s not

10 Signs you’re addicted to Cosplay

10 steps of building a cosplay

What I mean when I say ‘I’m a cosplayer’

10 Waysto Kick Your Butt (Back) into Gear