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Bacchite | Sharp Edge 8 piece polyhedral DnD ttrpg dice

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Purple swirls make up the dice cores, ranging from deep purple to lavender, alle safely encased in clear resin. Perfect for anyone who likes purple, or wine. Or fine things.A handmade dice set of epoxy resin, this sharp edged set features the standard set of 7 dice: d20, 2d12, d10, d8,d6, d4, a and a percentile dice. Please note that all dice are made by hand and may have small imperfections and vary slightly from each other due to the dice making process.Flaws: some imperfect edges. Slightly wonky d4.


Acrylic epoxy.

No Mothmen were harmed in the making of these dice.

Shipping & Returns

Returns not applicable to sale items, but if item arrives damaged a refund will be provided.


dice diameter 16mm

Care Instructions

Do not leave out in direct sunlight. Mothmans get sunburns :(