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Hearthfire Runes Earring and Pendant Set

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Elder Futhark runes shimmer with bronze and green swirls. The runes are inked with a bright metallic bronze, hanging from silver coloured metal ear wires and chain.

The necklace chain is 18 inches long, and closes with a matching lobster clasp for easy closure. The earrings both come with ear wires and a rubber stopper to keep them in place.

While these earrings and necklace are nickel-free, please note that if you are very sensitive to metals, you can replace the earring hooks with ones that you know will be safe to wear.


Acrylic epoxy.

No Mothmen were harmed in the making of these dice.

Shipping & Returns

Returns not applicable to sale items, but if item arrives damaged a refund will be provided.


dice diameter 16mm

Care Instructions

Do not leave out in direct sunlight. Mothmans get sunburns :(