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Hello Bees - Small Bag For Dice, Crystals, or Jewelry

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A beautifully sewn cloth bag to hold all your DnD accessories! (Or makeup, or jewelry, or whatever!) Sewn and lined with 100% cotton patterned with adorable bees and matching honeycomb, this bag has set grommets to the closure cord from wearing at the fabric and a pinch cord stop to keep your bag closed when not in use. The strings are tipped with a friendly bee charm and a gold leaf.This bag can hold approximately 50 regular sized dice, and is 3.5" in diameter and 4.5" tall.[Dice Not Included]


Acrylic epoxy.

No Mothmen were harmed in the making of these dice.

Shipping & Returns

Returns not applicable to sale items, but if item arrives damaged a refund will be provided.


dice diameter 16mm

Care Instructions

Do not leave out in direct sunlight. Mothmans get sunburns :(