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Queen Cups - Tarot Bag

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A beautiful and bright bag to keep your cards safe between and during readings. This bag is fully lined and satin cords wrap around the deck to keep the cards secure inside.

Sewn from duotone silk dupioni fabric with a 100% cotton lining printed with complementary foxglove or batik print, this bag fits most tarot decks, DnD Spell cards and even regular playing card decks. Cards Not Included.

"Feel the whisper of your intuition, the flow of your place in the universe."


Acrylic epoxy.

No Mothmen were harmed in the making of these dice.

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Returns not applicable to sale items, but if item arrives damaged a refund will be provided.


dice diameter 16mm

Care Instructions

Do not leave out in direct sunlight. Mothmans get sunburns :(